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Welcome to the Dutch Bantam Society

NEW POSITIONS   01/01/2014

Melanie Carroll to step down as Secretary / Treasurer / Newsletter as of Jan 1st 2014.

Judy Schultheis will take on the role of Secretary / Treasurer

Maria Fallon will take on the role of managing the Newsletter

Melanie Carroll will continue to manage the Website for the Club
Any Website changes, email to:

Club email will remain the same

Welcome to the Official Club Website

The Dutch Bantam Society, established in 1986, is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of promoting the Dutch Bantam in North America. We accomplish this purpose through our efforts to provide better education and communication to our fellow members via our web site, newsletter, and other printed materials.

Please join our club if you are not a member.  It will help us grow stronger and stronger !!
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Juniors get a FREE Dutch Bantam Society PEN when they submit a Photo / description about themselves and their interest in our great breed ! See the Juniors Page for info.
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